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Főoldal Rólunk Szolgáltatások Privát Transzfer Viteldíj Online rendelés Utazási feltételek Kapcsolat
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About Us E-mail

The Wiss Transfer, was formed to serve customers in the passenger transport market in Pecs, the activities of the road passenger transport. The fundamental goal is to service, reliable quality, accurate and comfortable fit, is pleased to take advantage of both our passengers and our customers.

In setting prices for the services is always striving to make the best price we can provide transfer for our customers. During our activity we wish to meet the retail and business travelers expectations. Both the service and the pricing of these two areas are taken into account the specificities and use it to shape up our offer.

Continuously monitor passengers' needs, expectations, satisfaction is measured and, accordingly, develop, shape our services and we introduce new ones. The currently available viszonylatokról transfer, travel goals, the "Services" menu are available for more information. Individual travel demands skills are completed, then all cases of individual bases favorable price! (Private transfer)

By phone or online inquiry form if we are at your disposal. E-mail reception, the visitors always call you back as quickly as possible and to verify the ideas.

Wiss Transfer leader and driver of the of road transport services and road transport operator holding on (89 / 1988. (XII.20) MT) with személygépkocsis passengers all the necessary licenses and comply with all the personal and material conditions.

  • The National Transport Authority's operating licenses
  • Passenger Business Certification Exam
  • Aptitude test (II Pav.), And 2 Medical fitness group
  • Személygépkocsis passenger Provider Certificate Exam
  • The number of seats, with special travel insurance
  • The NCO qualified and certified under a separate act, the activity is suitable for passenger vehicles
  • Distinctive marked the official car (yellow number plate)
  • etc

Wiss Transfer easily solved of travel difficulties!

 We are expecting you next time, as our passengers!


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